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Phone wont connect to HTC Sync

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kaylouise182, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. kaylouise182

    kaylouise182 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I open the HTC sync program and connect my phone to my pc with the usb. The notification then pops up on my phone asking which connection type (charge/sync/disk drive), i choose HTC Sync and press 'done'. A window then pops up on the phone screen saying 'unable to find HTC sync on your PC. Please make sure HTC sync is installed and opened on your computer...'
    HTC sync IS installed and open, i have downloaded it today off the HTC website.
    Anyone have any idea why it wont connect?

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  2. badgersore

    badgersore Lurker

    Hi Kay, do you have "usb debugging mode" selected on?

    settings>applications>development>USB debugging (ticked)

    Hope this solves your problem. (Yes it's a pain in the backside)
  3. optonia

    optonia Lurker

    same problem, i tried that and reinstalled my HTC sync with basic windows processes. any idea how to resolve this?
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    So you definitely have the latest version of sync installed?

    I go.d it problematic at best. Sometimes I had to connect the phone turned off them turn on to ensure the pc had the drivers, turn debugging on and off, disconnect and reconnect before sync recognised it. Also tried adding the phone through the app itself. It seemed to be trial and error.

    Luckily I don't sync emails or calendars with the pc so o don't have to.use it. Very poor app
  5. camflyer

    camflyer Lurker

    I have given up tying to get HTCSync 3.0 working on my desktop - but on my laptop it worked first time. Both machine are on Windows 7. I can only guess there must be some kind of driver conflict going on with my desktop but I'm not in the mood to reinstall the entire system.

    Besides, I find the GMail sync works so well for contacts and calendar that I don't need to sync with my computer very often.
  6. fkiles

    fkiles Lurker

    I have the exact same problem and am getting very frustrated. I have tried removing the HTC Sync program and downloading it again. I have set USB debugging as it advises. Ive emailed HTC who sent a massive email back (i think trying to baffle me with jargon so i'd leave them alone) but i am still getting the same error message 'unable to find HTC sync on your PC. Please make sure HTC sync is installed and opened on your computer'...argh!
    Does anyone have any ideas to help me (in simple language if possible please, i think i lack the part of the brain that understands IT)
    Thanks :thinking:
  7. Bluesman75

    Bluesman75 Lurker

    Sometimes there is a conflict with Widows installing the wrong drivers from the internet therefore:
    1) Uninstall HTC Sync fully
    2 )Reeboot
    3) Disconnect from the internet i.e. pull out the network cable or switch off your wireless conection
    4) Install HTC Sync
    5) Reeboot
    6) Plug in your phone
    7) you can also reconnect to the internet

    Hope this helps
  8. iggj

    iggj Lurker

    The process described by Bluesman75 generally does work - primarily because the default is to connect to the internet to search for drivers - which picks up incorrect ADB and USB drivers. Just one extra point that may help: when it's loading the drivers and asks if it can connect to the internet, instead select the option to install from a specific location, then browse to the HTC drivers folder (normally C:\program files\htc\htc driver\driver files) and select that before continuing, as sometimes otherwise it does not install the ADB driver correctly.

    And, do make sure you are using V3 of HTC sync (at least version 3.0.5xxx); version 2 was unbelievably flakey!

    You may still get "unexpected error" at the end of the sync, but as long as it's actually sync'd all your data, don't worry too much about it! (just do a couple of checks on items you've changed recently to make sure it got them OK).
  9. iggj

    iggj Lurker

    PS - I should have mentioned..... If you are synchronising with Outlook (particularly 2007 or 2010) expect some display problems after syncing. HTC Sync changes the way that the "FileAs" field is constructed - with the result that large numbers of your contact records will start displaying with no FileAs contents!
    To correct this (after every sync) you need to create an Outlook form and run it (see Microsoft Knowledge base article 291144) - or install and run the
    ContactGenie Toolkit (http://www.contactgenie.com/toolkit_4_outlook.htm).
    Alternatively, like I did, chuck out the droid phone and go back to using one with good ol' Windows Mobile and ActiveSync!! and wait until the Droid operating system and HTC Sync in particular comes of age.
  10. julcsi20

    julcsi20 Lurker

  11. wavey

    wavey Guest

    Hi all,

    I had this solution with my Desire. After hours of trying to sort out the problem, I figured what could be the solution. With memory at a low I couldn't budge, I deleted the app taking up the largest memory. In this case, Google Earth.

    I was then able to connect and sync easily.

    One of my Desire issues, maybe the only one, is the lack of internal memory.

    Anyway, I then re-installed Google Earth, with 10 less MB, and was able to transfer it to the SD card.

    Problem solved.
  12. stevejm

    stevejm Lurker

    Make sure that you enable "Background data" in the Accounts and Synch menu in Settings
  13. Jeat1968

    Jeat1968 Newbie

    I had the same problem. For about a month it worked fine then all of a sudden had problems. It is fixed and this is what I did. (As per badgersore suggestion above)
    Rebooted my pc. Went into settings/applications/development and unticked USB debugging. Reselected it again and it then it started working again. I hope this helps....Thanks
  14. spencergirl

    spencergirl Lurker

    Hi. I'm having the same problem as some of you. When I plug in my phone to my pc and select htc sync, a notification pops up. It has a label saying that I need windows to use htc sync but I do have windows. I've tried calling the customer service people and tried turning on the debugging. Nothing works. I can import pictures and videos just fine but can't sync the phone to the pc. Anyone have any tips for me?
  15. ammarisrar28

    ammarisrar28 Lurker

    Which phone do you have?

    If it is the new HTC One Series phone, then try downloading and installing "HTC Sync Manager".

    For all other older HTC phones, only download "HTC Sync".

    There is a huge difference between these 2 softwares. The HTC Sync Manager was developed for HTC One Series. Therefore, the older phones were stuck to "HTC Sync"

    Alternatively, Google this: "Setting Up HTC Sync to Recognize Your Phone", and open up the link which redirects you to the official HTC website.

    Hope this helps.
  16. Rockman

    Rockman Member

    Anyone have a link for the sync download for EVO 4G. Just a plain link, no toolbars, popups, installers etc etc etc please.

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