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Support Phone wont connect to Orange in WCDMA only

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Boomawoom, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Boomawoom

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    Sep 29, 2011

    Sep 29, 2011
    Android Version: 2.2
    Network: Orange
    Taskiller Used?: I don't even know what it is so probably not.
    [Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: Again, don't know what that means.

    Issue: I've had my HTC Desire for a little over a year now and every things been fine until today. I check my phone around 4 or 5 and it said there was no service available. I went to network options and tried connecting to Orange and Orange T-Mobile but i got a message saying, "Your SIM does not allow connections to this network". I'm on an orange contract using an orange sim and both have connected fine in the past. It was working fine this morning and i haven't installed anything new in quite a while or drop the phone or anything so it seems really random. I was messing about with the network settings trying to get it work and eventually change the network mode from WCDMA only to GSM only and it connected fine.

    So i did some research and found out that WCDMA is 3G and GSM is 2G so not having 3G working will be a problem when i'm not in a wifi zone. I've spend about an hour search for this and similar problems on google but the closet i've seen is 3G not working from the start but mine been working for the last year but decided to randomly stop working.

    If anyone has any ideas or has come across something like this in the past then any help will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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