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so I have the Huawei ascend 2 and lately it hasn't been letting me open any apps so I tried turning it off and then on and after that it wouldn't go past the cricket screen . Is there anyway I can fix my phone without downloading something on my computer ? I don't feel comfortable doing that and I don't know if my computer can handle it.
I'm asking a mod to move your question to the Huawei section. In the meantime, please register a free account here, so you can keep the discussion in this thread, not scattered all over the forum. (You can't post to the thread as a guest.)
Hello there! Thanks for the question ;)
I fear if I move this thread to the huawei ascend 2 forum, you may not find it...However, as Rukbat suggested, feel free to register and interact with us in real time :) It's free...it's fun!! I'm sure you will find the members here helpful!
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