Phone wont recognise Sim Card


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My unrooted HTC Desire with the Stock Orange UK 2.2 has been giving me a headache. Over the last few days, If the phone turned off, it would restart and say no Network. If I tried searching it would just say error, and after a few times of putting airplane mode on and off, it would connect. Now however it wont even recognise my sim. My sim works in another phone and all.

Last week I wanted to download an app in Market and used "Root toolbox" to trick my market into thinking it was an American simcard and from then on my phone wont work. I have done a factory reset and tried everything. I did the *#*#4636 stuff and saw that my radio is on but I still dno why.

Anyone know a solution or why my Desire has forsaken me ?


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Could be the SIM socket has got dirty contacts, somehow. To clean it, the easiest thing would be to cut a strip of paper the same width as the SIM, but long enough to hold when in the socket. Put the paper in the socket then the SIM on top then pull out the paper.
Doing this a couple of times should be enough to remove any surface contamination.

It may not be your problem, but it's worth ruling out.


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Tried it and didnt work, but an angry email to Orange over their lack of help has resulted in them sending me a brand new desire so all is well again