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phone wont turn on

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by turbonegro32, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. turbonegro32

    turbonegro32 Well-Known Member
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    last night i put my phone on the charger and as i wake up this morning, it is off and my phone wont turn on. if i plug it in the charger it the led just flashes red. i did a battery pull and everything


  2. Roush

    Roush Newbie

    This happened to me too! For me the problem was a bad cord! I tried out my brothers charging cable from his droid X, and it worked fine! My original cable would say it was charging, but in fact it wasn't actually giving the phone enough energy. I checked the micro usb, and where it connects the the cable it was fringed badly! I bought a new micro usb cable, and my phone has been fine ever since! I would suggest buying a new cable from ebay or something. I spent 20 bucks at radio shack, and saw the same one on ebay for 1.59! I hope I helped!

    TL:DR - Had same problem, bought new micro usb cable, phone works fine!

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