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PhoneMyPC: A "Must-Have" App for those seeking Remote Desktop

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by New_Guy777, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2010

    Jun 7, 2010
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    Pros: This application features a Simple Set-up Process, a Clean User Interface, a Rich Feature Set, and Total PC Control - Including Power-Down

    Cons: This app is currently in a "Beta" stage, supports Windows only, Excludes some Video, offers No Audio support at present, currently does not have Log-In Support, and Updates generally require a new PC download

    PhoneMyPC by SoftwareForMe.com stands in the place of a "Remote Desktop" application. The utility allows the user control of a Windows-based PC (Mac and Linux users must find a different solution). Currently in Beta production, this app can be purchased for $9.99 from the Android Market. PC Requirements are as follows:
    -A running broadband internet connection
    -Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework or better
    -Windows XP, Vista, or 7

    SET-UP: **** (4 Stars)

    The Set-up Process is not exactly short, but it is very simple. First, the user must Download and Install the Android Market App. Upon opening the app, the Menu button allows the user to access the Settings. A User Name and Password are required in order to successfully connect to a PC. All other settings are clearly labeled, and allow the user to tweak performance and functionality.

    The next step is to download and install the companion PC application here. Once installed and opened, an icon should appear on the PC's System Tray. Right-clicking on the icon allows the user to access the Settings. The same User Name and Password information that was used on the Phone App should be entered here, as well as a Computer Name.

    If the process has been completed correctly, a simple re-start of the PhoneMyPC app should reveal the PC's Unique Computer Name, as shown here:


    INTERFACE: ***** (5 Stars)

    The Interface is un-questionably Clean, Simple, and Intuitive. Selecting a PC reveals several options that are clearly labeled.


    Pressing the Menu key reveals a "Help" button. Selecting "Help" takes the user to SoftwareForMe.com, revealing a useful tutorial that explains each Feature in detail.

    Perhaps the most commonly used control is the "Interact Live" feature. Selecting this takes the user to a Live and Interactive view of the PC. Panning and zooming are both possible via the touch screen. For Android 2.1+ users, PhoneMyPC supports Pinch-to-Zoom. Android 1.0-1.6 users can manipulate the zoom by "pawing", a term which means the user places two fingers together on the screen and moves toward or away from the center of the screen. Non-Capacitive touch screen devices can use the Volume Keys to adjust the zoom. Finger Swiping, Trackballs, and Optical pads may be used as methods of panning and "Left-Clicking". In order to "Right-Click", the user merely does a Long Press on the desired area or icon.

    Multiple keyboards, some of which contain Windows-only keys, are available to the user by selecting the "Menu" key. This allows the user to type in addition to controlling the mouse functions of the PC.


    RELIABILITY: **** (4 Stars)

    As previosly mentioned, this application is currently in the "Beta" stages. Generally, this app is Very Stable. However, due to the current lack of Log-In support, attempting to access a PC that is at the Log-In page will break the user's link to the computer. To fix this problem, the user must manually log into their PC, and then re-start the PhoneMyPC app. (Note - Log-In support is on a list of future upgrades that SoftwareForMe.com hopes will be available soon)

    Also, if the PC Companion software is ever blocked or shut down, the user will be unable to access the PC. Both the PC and the Phone applications would need to be re-started in order to grant the user Remote Access.

    FEATURES: **** (4 Stars)

    PhoneMyPC has many useful Features, both Basic and Advanced. Simple utilities, such as the "Control Mouse+Keys" option can turn the user's phone into a Presentation Remote when Wi-Fi is not available. The "View Snapshot" and "View Live" options allow the user visual access to how the PC is being used at a given time. Advanced options, such as "Execute Actions", allows a commonly performed task to be completed with a simple click.

    Although there are plenty of useful features, a few obvious benefits are not currently available. There is no audio support at present, which prevents the user from using this application as a Media Center. Also, some video is not viewable over the PhoneMyPC software. Flash/Silverlight video, such as YouTube and Netflix (again, without sound), are viewable in the View Live and Interact Live options (depending, of course, on the User's Internet connections). However, some movie files, such as DVD's, AVI, WMV, etc. are not able to be viewed. The user will instead see a black patch where the video should be displayed.

    SUMMARY: **** (4 Stars)

    I highly recommend (and have recommended) this application to anyone seeking a Remote Desktop app for their Android Phone. The developer has regularly updated this application, making it more stable and useful over time. I have frequently made use of this service in my home, my church, and at work; with positive results. In my opinion, the cost of the app is well-worth the features and benefits you receive.

    Disclaimer- I am not the developer of this application, and cannot be held accountable for the advice I give. This review is based solely on my experiences, which others may not share. I am not responsible for anthing that may negatively impact your phone, your PC, your property, or your life.


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