Phones with the very best audio/video recording


So there you have it guys. IS there a phone who's audio and video recording is pretty top notch - given you know how to not hold the phone over the mic for example - recording clips that can be used as is - with minimal editing needs.

It seems either you sacrifice on video choppiness, audio weirdness (moving from one speaker to another for example) or quality/space limitations.

Also important, editing on the device. Or at least trimming!

I have a note 4. And a few older phones. Struggling but making it!

Any suggestions of current devices, mid level even if they excel at this - or do we know if the Note 8 is going to ROCK the socks off all those who need to use this sort of feature?

Thanks for any opinions!


I've found Oppo R series phones to have consistently good audio, even in situations like loud live music. Video is no problems as well.