Android Expert
Nov 8, 2010
Hi any 1know why the samsung (i think it is anyway) thas avaiable for the s3 version 2.2.45 ? Ill also ask this in the tab2 forum..
Whats the question? Looks like half the question is missing

Haha I think ur right I must have got waylayed while I was doing it and possibly a couple of sherrys ha,

basically the s3 version of photo editor wont install on the tab 2 it only allows tbe installed v1.0 not the v2.2.45..
Maybe but ive had it since ics on the s3 and the tabs now on jellybean bit of a let down by samsung that 1 would have got a lot more out of it on the tablet than tne phone and its pretty good on the phone would be ery good on the tablet..