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Photo Music Editor - professional app for editing, cropping and making videos from photo for androi

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mailinh888, Jul 3, 2019.

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    Hello everyone, today I would like to share with everyone a tool to create videos from extremely quality photos and music that are easy to use, which is the Photo Music Editor application. It must be acknowledged that for a less skilled person who loves to "live virtual" like me, this will be an effective assistant. Moreover, this type of video is considered to be a "virtual living" trend in 2019, so it should not be missed and want to share it with everyone.

    The first plus of Photo Music Editor is the user-friendly interface, very suitable for those who are afraid of complicated editing operations. Next, like many other video editor apps Photo Music Editor also has rich effects and completely free editing tools. Especially I was impressed by the extremely rich music store of the music composer on this photo. It allows me to create videos according to all emotions thanks to many genres of music from rock, jazz, Blues, R&B, .. especially this application always updates many new hot songs super fast, spoiled for living right trend always. In order for people to better understand the application, I will list each feature in detail and how to use it!


    ♫ Amazing features of photo music video maker:

    ★ Nice interface, easy to use music video maker with music

    ★ Professional & fast video editing tool

    ★ Various effects and music library updated regularly

    ★ Unlimited number of photos to create a slideshow

    ★ Create HD quality music video in seconds

    ★ Smart backup library helps you manage edited slideshow easily

    ★ Choose video output quality and backup location as you want

    ★ Customize the duration of your favorite videos and music

    ★ Light capacity, not take up much memory, stable operation on all devices

    ★ Share slideshow meaningful moments with friends in seconds

    How to use the photo music video maker

    ✿ Select the photos you like in your device memory

    ✿ Choose the nice effect you like the most

    ✿ Customize the music video duration as you like

    ✿ Select your favorite song to add in the video

    ✿ Select the part you like the best of the song

    ✿ Press save to export the best quality slideshow in seconds

    ✿ Photo music video maker - Music video maker with music

    Above are the outstanding features and how to use Photo Music Editor, with just a few simple steps on smartphones, we have a video that combines music into sparkling photos to "live virtual" on social networks. Download and use Photo Music Editor to catch the trend!

    To install the application, please visit Google Play and type the search "Photo Music Video Maker - Photo Music Editor" or click here

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    Good Luck with the game.

Video Maker of Photos with Mus

Video Maker of Photos with Mus Forum


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March 23, 2020
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