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Photo recovery from "dead" phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lee_DC_S, Jul 22, 2013.

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    I've been using my Samsung Galaxy S3 for 7 months now and absolutely loved it until on Saturday 20th July 2012, it went ran out of battery and since recharging it, it will not get past the Samsung Start Up Logo. I took it into the Carphone Warehouse Store where it was purchased and they've recommended a Factory Reset or Memory Wipe. This will result in the loss of all my Data (obviously) including photos. The photos I have on my phone are very personal and unique as they contain pictures of my holiday to Rome during the Pope's Resignation, the births of my dogs, my boat in glorious Cornish Weather and many other personal things that I cannot replace and mean so much to me.

    Any help in recovering these photos would be a miracle, and the person who has helped me won't realise how much it means for me to get these precious memories back.

    Thank you for your attention and help.


  2. funkylogik

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    Before trying a factory reset, have you tried clearing the cache partition (doesnt wipe any data)

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