photo sphere?


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ive just been reading about photo sphere but i cant find on my vodaphone s3, should it be there/where is it?


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What have you been reading?

Photosphere is an android 4.2 function. The s3 isn't on 4.2 yet but even when it is, this is part of the android aosp camera. We will have the samsung camera.

You can only get this with aosp / aokp / cm custom roms


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Yes, the photo sphere is part of Android 4.2.x. I'm using the Gnex running Sourcery 3.2 (Android 4.1.2) and it has the ability to add a couple of Android 4.2.x stuff, this new camera is one I added. I am not sure how it will work for the SIII, but suffice it to say that SUroot is right. Rooting and/or a custom ROM would be the pre-requisite.