photo transfer issues

Ok, I usually backup all my photos from my LG V20 on my computer. I have them in files, some on SD card some on phone. I know where to find the files. I connect phone to computer via USB and my computer recognizes phone. All is good. I go to phone storage, pictures and find all my folders. I open a particular folder that has 800+ photos recently taken and/or added to this folder (which can be seen on my phone) however when I open file on computer it shows the folder is empty. Only 2 folders do this all the other folders both on phone and SD card show all photos.

Why cant I see the photos in these 2 folders? No special permissions are enabled and they aren't encrypted or anything. Help.


Android Expert
I've had that happen with other files that weren't photos and I think it might be some connection hiccup between windows (7 specifically) and the android software.

FOr me it had something to do with the age of the file. IE I was looking for something I just made not 20 minutes earlier. It was a CSV table by the way - log file. showed on the mobile - not on windows. Unplug - replug - select file transfer again in the notification - navigate to folder - and bam there it was.

So before going crazy I might suggest this - disconnect completely - and then reconnect again see if that fixed it - I assume you might have tried this already.

Reboot the mobile - I did that too at one time.

finally I made a copy of the file on another folder on the phone. that always seemed to work. The original copy was on internal memory - the second copy was on SD card - the copy on the SD card would show up. SO finally - that might work for you