photobucket and TheChive downloads not in Gallery


Jun 6, 2012
I've searched for answers on this forum and google with no luck. When i downloads pics from my photobucket or thechive app, the pics don't show up in the gallery. They are downloading to the internal phone storage. The gallery doesnt show any photos downloaded on the internal phone storage. Ive tried a factory reset and checking app settings for download file dir. The only way i can view the photos is by a file management app like Astro. This worked before on GB. I noticed this issue after the OTA ICS update. Anybody got any ideas?
Try pressing Menu while in your Gallery app. Then Show/Hide folders. Maybe it's unchecked?
I tried that.

I'm guessing ICS changed the directory of the sdcard. Everything i download goes to the internal storage. In dolphin browser I changed the download directory to point to my external storage. I'm using quickpic instead of the stock gallery to view pics.