Help Photon works on 4g but not 3g

My Photon no longer connects to any 3g network. I just get grey bars now and the internet won't work. 4g is fine as long as I'm in a 4g area. Just started noticing it the past week or so. Works on wifi.
Android version 2.3.4
System version 45.3.6.MB855.Sprint.en.US
Kernel version
PRL version 51086

Did the power off/on again
Disabled all apps running that might affect it.

Any ideas?



groundhog1248;[URL="tel:[URL="tel:4204447" said:
4204447[/URL]"]4204447[/URL]]No that didn't work. Is it easy to wipe the OS and reinstall? Not sure what else to check. Thanks for the suggestions.

Try dialing *18 first,it is supposed to refresh your signal connection & connect to the nearest tower.

If that doesn't help,call SPRINT.There may be maintenance/upgrade work on-going in your area.
I recently had 4G issues & this was the case.