Help photos are "smushed."


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has anyone else noticed that if you take a photo of something that is ~10 feet away or less it comes out really distorted? it's like you're looking in one of those funhouse mirrors. In portrait mode, everything is taller and skinnier than real life. in landscape, everything is shorter and fatter than real life. it's not just a little bit, it's pretty nasty. on things that are further away, i'm not sure if it's still doing it, or if I just can't notice because they're farther away.

i realize for a $150 device that does so many things, I can't expect to have a camera that takes amazing pictures. but besides this weird distortion thing, the the photos are otherwise OK.

anyone else seeing this?
While the camera in my V is barely adequate; the images are not distorted.

Maybe the lens in your copy was not molded correctly.

Please post an example. Try taking a picture of something with a grid of parallel lines like a block wall. Or something round like a tire.