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Photos back up - Stuck in loop

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Android Question

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    Samsung s5. Lollipop. For about a month now Google photos has not backed up anything. Every time I say to backup it shows copying 1 of 600, but never gets past 1.
    the only changes in the last month is a newonderful OS and I changed my Google pasword.
    I checked all the Google photos settings.

    Any ideas?


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    Post #3 by Kipp Teague, Sep 1, 2015 (3 points)
  3. Gordco

    Gordco Lurker

    Two days ago I cleared the cache and turned off and then back on, all the Google Photo settings. This morning it still wasn't working and then I simply turned off auto backup and then on, and suddenly it said everything was backed up.

    What actually fixed this? I really have no idea. I suspect there is a bug in the backup program, but then I'm only guessing. I sure hope this doesn't happen again. I really love most Google products, but I find a lot of confusion with the relationships between Photos, Picasa, and Drive. I really hope this gets dealt with. It would be such a shame to start getting compared to Microsoft, where everything is difficult and confusing.
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  4. Kipp Teague

    Kipp Teague Lurker

    I faced the same issue today and after a lot of digging, discovered the cause and a solution.

    Not only did my phone get stuck in the "Backing up 1 of xxxxx" state, but Google Play Services was consuming an excessive amount of CPU, and draining the battery even with the phone on a USB trickle charge. Going to the Google App settings and stopping backups would solve the CPU issue, but I was still stumped at the backup issue, after having uninstalled and reinstalled Google Photos to no avail.

    What mystified me too was the very large number (xxxxx in "Backing up 1 of xxxxx" was over 11,000), because my phone at this point had only approximately 1000 photos.

    Then it struck me, that perhaps Google Play Services was confused because I had externally removed thousands of photos from my phone via USB connection and Windows. So, after reassuring myself that this would not cause a major problem, I went to the Application configuration for Google Play Services, selected "Manage Storage" then selected "Clear all Data." I then re-installed Google Photos, and reconfigured, and voilà, the "Backing up 1 of xxxxx" message appeared, the count rose to the ACTUAL number of photos on my phone, and the first number then began ticking upward! About a minute after the backup completed, the CPU usage of Google Play Services dropped to normal...AND...the cloud icon with the slash which had appeared on all photos under Google Photos on the phone was gone! Not only that, but Google was smart enough not to duplicate these photos in the cloud itself as they had already been backed up via the prior version of Google Photos.

    So, the bottom line is, when your phone is stuck on "Backing up 1 of xxxxx," it is very likely because Google Play Services is confused about the actual number of photos on the device...and the solution is to clear its database.
  5. Jill Campoy

    Jill Campoy Lurker

    Happens to me too on "AT&T Uploader" there is a very brief popular that let's you select to either re-upload pictures or to only upload new files/pictures. I closed the browser on both my phone and my computer and hit new files only on the pop up. I was able to clear the loop , but it happens over and over again. They need to address this at the software level.
  6. Said Salomon

    Said Salomon Lurker

    I had this problem and found that it was because sync got turned off when I was low on power. Turned it back on and the backing up numbers started going up... They should fix that so it does not eat up battery and make the cell hot trying to backup when auto sync is disabled....
  7. eddiedood

    eddiedood Lurker

    I was banging my head trying to find a solution for this. Your solution to clear the Google Play Services cache fixed the issue on my Samsung Galaxy Mega. I also used that used that same concept on my samsung galaxy s5 which kept draining the battery rapidly and it helped with that also. Thank you!
  8. KAS711

    KAS711 Lurker

    Same problem on my phone, only I cannot completely uninstall photos app because the factory version came with my phone. I tried uninstalling updates and clearing data and disabling the app while I cleared the data from Google Play Services. It seemed to work at first saying "Upload Complete" but the recent photos were not backed up. Then it reverted back to Backing up 1 of XXXX and not getting past 1. Any ideas on how to fix without ability to uninstall?
  9. Okindagawa

    Okindagawa Lurker

    After several days of researching how others attempted to solve this issue and trying some of those attempts to no avail, I finally fixed this issue on my phone. I turned off my auto back up and sync, restarted my phone and then turned auto back up and sync on again. Immediately the back up stopped looping and the photos started backing up onto my google account. I checked my account on my laptop to make sure and they were there. Yay! Now I will have space freed up! Hope this helps someone! My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.
  10. Uffda

    Uffda Lurker

    Same problem here. For me its even worse. I've got 2 photos that refuse to sync...but I can't tell which they are. They are on my phone, so I can't see which they might be.

    I just got a new phone on Sunday, so the Photos install is clean... So, I am stuck with two photos just hammering away at my battery. :-(

    If I could find the two offending photos, I would delete them!
  11. myskullisred

    myskullisred Lurker

    Hey guys, I have the Google Pixel and I had this exact same problem and it is now fixed. Kudos to Kipp Teague's response above for the help.

    On my device, it seemed that one particular photo wasn't backing up for some reason. It actually was already backed up, but Photos didn't seem to think so, so it was forever stuck in this state of trying to back up this one particular photo.

    Because that photo wasn't backing up, any subsequent photos I took weren't backing up either because Photos was trying to back up the old photo first. The only way I was able to back up my photos was by manually selecting them and forcing Photos to "Back up now."

    Steps I took:
    1. Free up space on my device. I used the Photos option to delete any photos on my device that had already been backed up.
    2. Clear cache. Settings -> Apps -> Photos -> Storage -> Clear cache. (Note: I didn't use the "Clear data" option.)
    3. Restart device. Poof! All is well.
    I suspect that clearing the cache and restarting the Photos app would have done the trick, but those were the particular steps that I took.

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