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Photos Can't be Viewed

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Member305617, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Here is my tale of woe.

    In an effort to get some of favorite ringtones to play, I followed a recommendation and reformated my SD card (after back-up, of course) to fat32. I restored from backup to SD, and had 2 issues.
    1. A password database was corrupted. No worries, restored from another back-up.
    2. None of my photos are viewable on the Evo 3D, not 2D, not 3D. Tried to copy again from back-up, but I have the same problem. Instead of a thumbnail, I get an icon of a triangle with an exclamation point.

    However, when I mount the phone as a disk drive, I can view the photos on my PC, so it seems the iamge files aren't corrupted.

    Are there any helpful hints as to my next step?


    (I tried QuickPic with the same results, so it's not a Gallery issue, per se. New photos seem to be fine.)



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