Help Photos not uploading to Google Photos anymore


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Photos taken on my phone (native camera app, A Better Camera, Camera FV5 etc.) have uploaded automatically to Google photos, but have not done so since May 14. I have automatic backup turned on.


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Perhaps you've only got "Upload via WiFi" selected and you haven't used WiFi on your phone in awhile for one reason or another?

Maybe you need to update your Google Photos app? Maybe you need to specifically set the folder for the new camera app you're using to sync with Google Photos?

If you haven't used the web version of Google Photos yet, maybe dig around there to see if your photos are being saved somewhere you didn't consider:


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Do you have any sync errors under Settings > Accounts > Google?
(That may not be the precise location, but it's a generic direction since I don't know what device you have.)

Any sync errors in the Google Photos app, for that matter?

You might try going to Settings > Apps > Google Photos and clearing its cache/data to see if setting it up fresh helps.



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even more obvious, the Photos app is missing from the phone. and doesn't show up in my library in the play store. But it is still on my old phone (which I use as a Sat Nav/Dashcam).