Photos taken with the Moto Z2 Force!

Here are some images taken with the BRAND NEW Moto Z2 Force. We were able to get our hands on the device and took to the Hudson River for some shots.


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Hi can you report on the night shots with this cam. How vibrant are the colours and noise in the hdr mode if possible with a comparison to the pixel (with hdr+on) or the samsung s7/s8. This article references the huawei p9 with an almost identical IMX286 sensor and f2.2 lens (IMX386 f2.0 on z2) and says that the 1.25 μm though small is effectively 1.76 μm due to the processing. Another important point is that this is the second cam with Qualcomm's "Clear sight" technology (after mi 5s plus) which is qualcomm's answer to the huawei p9 and p10. I would think qualcomm is better due to its hexagon dsp. A bonus would be to if you could try this app which ports pixel's revolutionary hdr+ algorithm to the z force.

Also a test on the bokeh effect. A good torture test would be say a non-dense tree branch behind a high contrast (clear lines texture etc) building backdrop. The foreground background delineation should work well at outer branch boundaries but in between the branches, where the building is visible, the bokeh effect most often fails and building would be visible more clearly. To be honest this effect is best used on people. Maybe a few shots with people with bokeh/portrait mode active too please.

A video demonstrating Digital Image stabilization on and off on the rear camera while jogging/ walking would be also appreciated. The lack of OIS is a negative on this but I think the DIS is decent but not great.


Here is a blog post from Essential phone's camera engineer about their PH1 which also uses a similar technique. The fusion doesnt make a difference in good light but in poor light (the san jose museum of art pic in full resolution) the noise in the sky and red signboard are very well suppressed.