Jan 9, 2020
Hi. When I take a picture with my S23 Ultra it does not appear in Google Photos on my computer until the next day. With my old Note 10 I could go to Accounts and sync Google Photos but that option isn't available on the S23. Having to email pictures to myself in order to access them on my computer the same day is such a nuisance!

I'd appreciate any ideas.

I have noticed that when I take a photo on my phone, there may be a delay synching the phone camera with the phone Google Photos app, which feeds to the computer version of Google photos.

What I do when I need to speed up the process: after I take photos, I open Google Photos on the phone first, which forces a sync between Photos and the phone's camera gallery. Now when I open Photos on the computer, everything is there.

I'm thinking that the overnight wait is just Photos' normal synching interval if you don't force it.

Perhaps that will help you?
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