How is everyone getting the pictures/videos off the camera?


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Dropbox with auto-upload. As soon as I take a pic, I can access it on my laptop. I never have to hook my phone up to pics or video off of it.


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Auto-Uploaded to Google + and Airdroid to my pc

I have the G+ backups going too but I haven't really looked at managing the files. I didn't see a way of batch downloading files from G+ to the computer, just selecting multiple files one at a time. The option to download albums doesn't seem available with the autobackup files. I may have to use another cloud storage option, but the unlimited space on G+ is appealing because I record gigs worth of 3-5 minute videos. They're nice to archive but not important enough to take up valuable space elsewhere


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G+ is great and on a PC all you have to do is sign in and go to photos to manage. You can also manage from the app on the phone. I use this and drop box.