Picked up my Droid Charge at Verizon 5-13-11 3pm


So far the phone is working pretty well. I replaced my Droid X which was essentially perfect from the beggining and do not see a major difference except in a few areas. Screen is much nicer, but it gets greased up quickly with my clear screen protector versus the anti glare on the X. The Charge is faster, but I was satisfied with the speed of the X. The Charge weighs far less, is wider, but thankfully fits in my old X pouch. I prefer the Samsung OI versus moto, I know, I know, that is not how most feel, but I like the bigger icons moving side to side in the ap area. The battery yesterday was not so hot, but I was using the hell out of it setting it up. It got a full charge last night and I will report on battery in a later post. 32 g installed card is pretty generous. I will report on pictures later as well. Sound quality is fine and scrolling seems fine for now as well. The indicator light issue so far does not bother me, but I would much rather have it than not. Oh, it would not sync with my 2010 Ford Flex, it couples and dials fine but the person you are calling cannot hear you. I will get into this later with Ford and Verizon ( this could be a deal breaker for me). Will report more as I go along.