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Pics sent are tiny

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hotrod4x5, May 19, 2011.

  1. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    My friend has the Indulge on Metro PCS and I have the Captivate on ATT. Pictures she sends me are VERY small. When I forward them to my email, they are like maybe 150-200 pixels wide at most. She has her camera on the highest resolution, so that's not it.

    This also happened before I got my captivate and she sent them to my old Casio GZone. I figured, at the time, that it was that my phone was too small to get the bigger files from her, but obviously my Captivate can handle them.

    It must be her phone doing something, because before she got the indulge, she had a different phone on Metro and it sent them through at full size.

    Is there some setting she needs to change?

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  2. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    I do know if the picture is to large.......the Indulge will resize it before sending them on MMS.

    As for a settings......have her go to the camera settings and then check out the resolution in there also. That might solve it some or might not.
  3. BlueMuscles

    BlueMuscles Android Enthusiast

    You should be a Made Man (Mod) in this forum.
  4. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    What size can she send me and it not resize it?
  5. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Im not 100% sure. If im not mistaken we cap out at 300mb or 500mb for MMS. One of the two.

    But anyways I think that has to do with something on the resizing of the picture before the phone sends the picture. Quality will play some part in that also.

    Could also be having a compatibility issue.
  6. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    I assume you mean kb, not mb.
  7. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Actually I was told megabytes.
    So what ever that is Mb or mb or MB.
  8. Joshuah22a

    Joshuah22a Android Enthusiast

    it compresses them for sms like it tells you..the only way you can get the full size is through gmail and the sorts or uploading them to your computer...i know putting them on fb keeps there original size...its just sms..
  9. betsuni78

    betsuni78 Well-Known Member

    megabytes = MB
    megabits = Mb
  10. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    It seems to be only this phone, in my limited experience (I'll admit) with phones. I've gotten full rez files from other phones without any problems. The size that the Indulge makes them is SUPER tiny, to be almost useless on the computer if I choose to forward them.

    As far as KB vs MB. I seriously doubt that the file size allowed over SMS is 300 MB, because that is HUGE. My Nikon D300s doesn't even create a file that big. It has to be KB.
  11. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Just stating what Metros Customer service said. But we all know how they are.
  12. ciper

    ciper Android Enthusiast

    There are legacy limits on maximum file sizes. Some phones were not able to receive pictures over that certain size. On most phones its a configurable option that can be overridden but I have not seen the option on the Indulge
  13. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Actually the limit is not based off of what the phones can do. It is based off of what the network is willing or able to handle.
  14. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member
    Thread Starter

    If it is a network thing, then her old phone, also on Metro PCS, would have shrunk the files. They did not, they came over full sized.
  15. ciper

    ciper Android Enthusiast

    This is true. I was simplifying it so others can understand. Most often the issue arose when sending from a phone on one provider to a phone on a different provider.
  16. springsun0481

    springsun0481 Lurker

    Can you guys help me. I have a Metro Galaxy Indulge and I cannot find the zoom for the camera before you take the picture. I looked through the settings and nothing. I want to zoom in before I take the picture, not after.
  17. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Android Enthusiast

    Unfortunately the stock camera on this phone doesn't have zoom b4 taking pictures :'(
    springsun0481 likes this.
  18. springsun0481

    springsun0481 Lurker

    maybe an app that can be downloaded? I need to zoom before taking the pic...
  19. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Android Enthusiast

  20. Oakland79

    Oakland79 Newbie

    It does indeed resize my photos when sending to a ******ed little picture with a crappy resolution.

    My Messenger II or III did not do that. It makes any pic you send pretty much worthless on the other end. Tiny, blurry.

    I really hope this is fixed.
  21. Yetskii

    Yetskii Newbie

    With this phone, you have physical zoom.... you have to walk closer to what you are taking a picture of....:p:D:eek:
  22. tiede

    tiede Android Expert

    Holy s**t mackerel! We have that feature for free?!?
    Wait til I go brag about it to my iphone friends with their stupid old-gen cr*ptastic digital zoom! We have PHYSICAL zoom, yeah!
    smell it, smell it, now take it!:)
  23. Shelacious

    Shelacious Newbie

    ^^ LMAO. You guys are hilarious. Yep that's the bomb--physical zoom--it's bleeding edge.
  24. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Android Enthusiast

    If you said "physical zoom" to an iPhone user, and kept a straight face, they probably wouldn't even realize what you were talking about. lol
  25. Oakland79

    Oakland79 Newbie

    I also have this problem where my pics stay pending for hours at a time!

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