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Pics taken with Galaxy S5 of Gear Live Watch

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jack58, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. jack58

    jack58 Android Expert
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    Here are some pics I took today with my S5 of the Gear Live Watch I got to go with my Galaxy S5.

    I got a brand new GEAR LIVE for $150 today. It was off craigslist, but after talking to the guy back and forth, (he was asking $200) he told me he worked for Google as a developer, (Bellevue) and went to the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco on March 25 where they introduced the GEAR LIVE and gave them away to developers there. The reason he never used or opened the box, which was still sealed was he has a iPhone. I talked him down because I have to travel 35 miles to get it at his place of work. As long as I had cash on hand, I got to unseal the box.
    Indeed, the box was never opened, the seal was still intact and the plastic was on the face of watch. See two 1st two pics.



    After setting it up and playing with it today, my only disappointment is the vibration is very weak... and that was the big reason I wanted it, was to vibrate when I got a text message. I'm hoping that can be fixed, otherwise I will be selling this... at least today I felt like; y'know, The Jetsons/Dick Tracy/Star Trek/ :p

    It was a nice day in Bellevue. That is my reflection in the window while taking the picture with my S5.


    This Samsung Galaxy S5 takes real nice pictures!

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