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PicSay Pro - Photo Editor: Best Photo Editor on Android!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rdrizzle, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. rdrizzle

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    Jun 7, 2010
    PicSay Pro

    Application Description
    PicSay Pro is the finest photo manipulation tool available on Android! Take a photo with your Android device, add captions, mind bubbles, stickers, change the color schematics and so much more! You are able to make add a variety of stunning effects to a beautiful picture or add a funny word bubble above a friend?s head and share for a good laugh.

    User Interface
    This application is extremely polished with an intuitive UI that makes it incredibly easy to use for all ages. One of the older applications on Android, the UI has continued to improve since its inception. Occasionally, larger fingers make it a little more difficult to add small objects to photos but this is by no fault of the application as their implementation of adding objects and manipulating them is the best for a mobile device.


    The menus that are provided are:
    • Word Balloon
    • Title
    • Stickers
    • Effects
    • Export
    • More
    Within each of these options are a variety of additional choices that allow you to completely customize a photo in almost any way imaginable. New options are often updated as well giving you more stickers and effects from time to time.

    Overall Impression
    This by far is one of my favorite applications on Android. It?s entertaining to take a friend?s photo and give him ?bug eyes? and add a caption over his head saying ?HELP!!? At approximately $3.61, the value of this application far exceeds the price. It is a highly professional quality application at a reasonable price and recommend this application to every Android user that I encounter!

    YouTube - PicSay Pro


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