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Picspeed Wallpapers HD -Give us your contacts info etc.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Chopin11, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Jan 9, 2012

    Jan 9, 2012
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    Just got my first update for Picspeed Wallpapers HD. It now asks for Permission to my phone# and serial# of my phone giving it permission to not only read my phone#/Serial# but also my personal contacts as well as their phone numbers. (as described by android, next to the permission and on this site)

    I've emailed the developer 3 times asking WHY he/they would want or need access to this...No Replies. I have chosen not to update and am about to go back to another wallpaper or search for a new one that doesn't ask for permissions as invasive or that it does not need to operate.

    Has anyone experienced this, have an answer, or emailed the developer and received an answer as to why the new update is now including PHONE CALLS?

    Yes, there is a small section stating: " All our applications are free and ad supported. This explains the permissions". "PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK, IT IS IMPORTANT FOR US".

    Wonder what kind of ad groups they sell to that acquires all your personal contancts and their phone numbers as well as yours with your serial#? And as far as "providing feedback that is important to them".... Why NO RESPONSE to my inquiry after 3 separate emails? Is there anyone out there concerned with this permission, recieved an answer to this same question... "or is it harmless to give out all your contact's phone numbers/info?"


    PS: I am not anywhere nearly as knowledgeable as a programmer or understand many of the ways these operating systems work. My abilities are that of an avid user of Android devices and the using of programs, not the mechanics of how they work. The concern of permission to have access to my Phone Calls comes from reading the definitions of such permissions on this site and the explanation given in the android download next to the permission (after clicking on the developer's update).


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