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I've been trying to send a picture, but after 10-15 minutes it still says "Sending". I end up delete text message. How can I fix this?


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Are you sure you have data connectivity? Text is sent by 2G, but pictures are sent by 3G/4G.

Also, one or more of your carrier's servers could temporarily be down.


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And I've noticed it can happen if you're sending a mesg & someone else has sent you a message simultaneously can error it out or if using a different messenger other than the stock app such as text secure, which I haven't been able to get MMS working on that it's strange there


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I've actually been having the same issue... But it may be with conquest and not my phone. Are you on stock?
I also had the problem on conquest.

MMS worked fine for a couple of months then just stopped sending. I tried a bunch of things that didn't work... finely reinstalled conquest and mms works flawlessly again :)


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I've had a few problems sending pics also. Just the same as the original post said. Can someone tell me what Conquest is? I Googled it and it looks like a game app?


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I've had this problem on occasion and I'm currently on stock. For some reason, I've solved this by uploading the MMS to Dropbox and sending by DB. Weird. Actually, since KK update, no problems (knock on wood) so far.


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Since TextSecure has data channel Push Services it helps With using Mms vs entering the Mms URL,
Proxy & Port Manually But you Putting a lot of Trust in Moxie Which at least To me Feels like I have a Choice in Privacy Vs knowing every SMS is read & since will be the default in cyanogenmod a whole community does

& my Mms works


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