Picture of the Bravo and Passion next to each other


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Since there is a lot of talk over if the Passion is the Bravo and their similarities I have tweaked the unlockr pic for proper perspective and put it next to an enlarged picture of the new Bravo. I also put the DROID next to them.

The Bravo and Passion look very similar especially with regard to screen size. While a DIGITIMES article says the Passion is 3.5" I'd say it is actually the same size as the Bravo's 3.7", based on this pic comparison. Perhaps the DROID is a little narrower due to being 480x854 vs. 480x800.



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Interesting WonderB. May I call you WonderB?
I think its a dope nickName.

I'm gunna go with you on this and say the Passion/Dragon's screen is larger than 3.5

Would be TITS if the Passion supports 720 like the Bravo!

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No phone right now supports 720p. However, the DROID with its resolution does support a native 16:9 picture @ 480p. A 480x800 screen would not be able to support a 16:9 without borders. I can create 16:9 full screen videos on my DROID with no borders. That being said, OP is right in that the Passion/Dragon/Bravo will have a 3.7" screen, likely to avoid any potential app compatibility like when the DROID was released, although 2.x supports different screen sizes/resolutions.

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I can't see how you measured the Screen size purely based on the Images , They could have been taken at different lengths , the Camera could have been closer to the object compared to the others hence showing the size of the phone as larger or smaller than actually is ...

You could be correct tough , Just I think comparing the photos by putting them side by side is not accurate.....


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He's close enough. Everyone is claiming it's 3.5 in. now and it makes the most sense. No way it could have been 4.3 in that unlocker pic.


You're assuming all the phones are the same height. But if the Passion really has a 3.5 inch screen, it would be shorter. All that picture really shows is that all the phones have the same aspect ratio.


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It definitely is hard to compare things from a picture like that, because scale is so hard to determine. However, I'm glad to see that these screens won't be quite as narrow as the droid screen. The droid screen kinda bugs me.


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you could determine scale from a couple things. The HTC branding, the buttons. He's not going to be a 100% but he'll be pretty close. It's just a quick comparison...and the way all the rumors are shaping up...he's pretty close.