Feb 10, 2011
Toledo, Ohio
I recently noticed that when I take a picture vertically (phone upright like normal) and try to send it someone via text, it adds it to the message and sends it sideways.

I don't think this was the case before, so I was wondering if there was something that may have gotten switched and I can't find that feature on my phone or what.

Thanks for any help and advice!
It's ALWAYS done that for me. Does the same thing if you try to e-mail the pic or upload to FB or the like. I'm not sure why, but Android (across all phones) always saves pictures taken with the top being the long side of the phone. It works and views just fine in the Gallery, but as soon as you take the pic off the phone it's always in landscape mode. It seems like something very simple that they could fix natively, but they never have.

I installed Adobe PS Express and use it to rotate a pic if I'm going to send it or upload it directly from the phone.