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Pie messed up my message box

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brunocali, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. brunocali

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    **S8 Plus with 2 Pie updates

    Can't stand what it has done to messages. (I have cleared cache)
    1) Worst thing is, I can no longer smoothly scroll through the text that's typed into the box before the message is actually sent...like when you're checking it for errors before sending. I have to push on the typed line one at a time to make it move up or down.
    (Sent and received messages scroll just fine.)

    2) There is no longer the option under the three dots in the upper right corner to allow you the option of adding a text title or to send the message at a delayed time.

    Look forward to any assistance with this issue

  2. Hadron

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    You are certain they've not just changed the interface and put the options somewhere else?

    If so, the solution is to use a different message app. Android 9 isn't the problem, these are just changes to Samsung's app. Chomp SMS has both of those features (I just checked, and I am running android 9 - though I never use either, which is why I had to check). Textra allows delayed sending. I couldn't find them in Google's Messages app though.

    As for scrolling back before sending, no problem with that with any app I've got. But I don't have a Samsung so can't test their app.
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