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Dec 31, 2010
I'm looking for a pill reminder that does all like remind me of what time date you know the whole 9yrds. I had one but I forgot what it was called.
could just use the alarm on the phone and set it up for whatever time specific u need to take it. but if u need to take it more than once per day then im not sure if the alarm does multiple alarms per day.
Med Helper Pill Reminder is very nice and quite complete. The free version has more features/capability than most will need. I believe the paid version includes web/cloud services with syncing across all devices. If you only have one device or are only interested on running this on one device, then there isn't any reason to go paid unless you want to support the great job the dev has done with this app. If you can't remember the name of the app you once used, check this one out. I am sure it will meet your requirements.
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Thanx I try to remind my mother to take her meds n my kids hve meds so I forget who has to take what n when.
Luckily i only take one (an antidepressant but one with a bad reputation for withdrawal side effects) but i really should set up an alarm or an app to remind me. Usualy i remember but when i forget, i dont realise until ive went all violent at a friend or fell out with family and in my mind at the time, im in the right but later it dawns on me that i forgot my med and i have to do a lot of apologising :thumbup:
Thanx I try to remind my mother to take her meds n my kids hve meds so I forget who has to take what n when.

Oh in that case u can also use Google Chrome extension app which is free called Google calendar and set reminders by date and time and it will send u a Txt message reminding u lol. But an app should be fine.
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Have you considered a more general tool like a todo list app? I use ToDo List Task Manager and really like it.

I use it to remind me of things like car maintenance, pet medication, recurring bills, one-time everyday tasks.

- very flexible and a ton of options
- extremely useful once you take the time to set it up

- a little complicated (due to the "Pros" point above)
- no sync with desktop or web-based app

It's one of the first apps I paid for when I got my first smartphone a few years ago and I still use it daily.
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I use the stock calendar app syncing to Google calendar to remind me when to give my dog his medicine and flea protection. Works great!