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PIM/calendar/task app with web (cloud) interface?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by New Daddy, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. New Daddy

    New Daddy Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm transitioning from WM to Android.

    With WM, one of the many shortcomings was the lack of a PIM (personal information management) app/service that stores data on the cloud and makes them accessible with a web-browser and mobile device apps. I prefer the functionality of a desktop computer to a mobile device but I also need to access my data with my iPad or smart phone when I'm out and about.

    G-mail makes emails seamlessly accessible from any desktop with an internet connection, my i-Pad and my smart phone. The interface for each device is also excellent.

    But for PIM (calendar and tasks to be more specific), this was not easy. I use Microsoft Outlook to manage my schedule and tasks, but first of all, it doesn't store the data on cloud. That means I could only use my own desktop, not any desktop with an internet connection, to manage the data. That means mobile access was also limited both temporally and mechanically; your data is only as current as the most recent sync, and sync is very difficult across more than one mobile device. I tried Google calendar and tasks, but they were vastly lacking from a WM user's perspective. Sync between Google calendar and Outlook was messy, and there is no WM app for Google calendar/tasks.

    So, with these goals in mind, is there any Android PIM service/app that will perfectly suit my needs?



  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    The default Android calendar syncs with Google calendar nicely. Tasks not so much. There are a few alternative task apps out there that are quite nice though. Astrid for one. Evernote, One note, Note everything also good. And I personally really like pure grid calendar widget.

    When you say you use outlook for email what do you mean though? Is this a work email address on an exchange server? Or do you use outlook to download mail from a pop3 or imap account?
  3. New Daddy

    New Daddy Newbie
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    I could likve with Google Calendar, although its functionality really leaves a lot to be desired for a person coming from MS Outlook. Google Tasks is simply unusable.

    So, all those alternative task apps provide some kind of server/cloud service, so you can access and modify them anywhere, be it from a internet-connected desktop or a mobile device, and keep them synchronized real-time? That would be great!

    I meant I use Outlook as MS exchange server client + IMAP client. It handles all my work emails (MS exchange server) and personal emails (gmail).

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