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./ping.out not found

Discussion in 'Application Development' started by meenakshudu, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. meenakshudu

    meenakshudu New Member
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    Oct 16, 2009

    I am working on the bridge driver of OMAP 3430 on zoom2 board.
    I am using the tool chain of 2008q3 and kernel source is android 2.6.27.

    I downloaded the bridge driver source from the gforge.ti.com site named dspbridge_LDP_v1.9., and i am building the code as per the steps mentioned in the Build_instructions_DSPBridge.pdf.

    I can build the mpu_api directory to generate the bridge libraries.
    I can build the samples directory to generate the executables.

    But i am getting huge errors while building the mpu_driver. I am following the steps which are mentioned in the above pdf document.

    So i am taking the bridgedriver.ko from the kernel source from the folder /arch/arm/...

    I created dspbridge folder in the file system and copied bridgedriver.ko, *.dll *.dof64p, *.out.

    I copied all shared libraries into the /system/lib folder.

    Afetr booting the board from SD card i am running application like this.

    1) insmod ./bridgedriver.ko phys_mempool_base=0x87000000 phys_mempool_size=0x600000 shm_size=0x40f000

    This works fine.

    2) ./cexec.out ddspimage_tiomap3430.dof64p

    It is telling ./cexec.out not found.

    Even i try ping.out it is telling same. I think it is not entering into the main even.

    I tried with the 2007q3 also. But the result is same only.

    Pls help me....Thanks in advance.

    Meenakshudu B.


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