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Pipo M8 9.4" 4.1.1 tablet issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Uber-Duper, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Uber-Duper

    Uber-Duper Member
    Thread Starter

    Just purchased this tablet, and the specs are very decent for the money.

    Having a few minor, yet annoying issues..

    The YouTube app buffers the first minute of videos within 10 seconds, but then the rest of the videos load so slowly that it stutters and becomes unwatchable.

    The app also does this in standard quality, however it does manage to load a lot more of the video.

    I have tried reinstalling YouTube, resetting the tablet to factory settings, and it made no difference.

    YouTube videos work just fine within a browser, but I would like to get this streaming issue resolved.

    Issue 2. The tablet comes with Google chrome browser built in.
    After the app updates itself from the play store, chrome crashes and refuses to launch properly.

    Again, I have tried disabling the app, enabling it again and running the updates.. same thing :(

    There seems to be some minor incompatibilities with apps on this tablet.

    Has anyone had similar issues and perhaps knows of a workaround??

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    I have moved this thread into the General Tablet Talk forums to get some better answers.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Jaafar19

    Jaafar19 Lurker


    I fell in love with this tablet, just by seeing the pictures on the web and ordered one from aliexpress, a seller who is called Grace Team with good price. It took him 3 days to ship out and it took 4 days to arrive with DHL.

    I have got this tablet two days ago..
    The first impression is Waaaaw I have never seen so beautiful tablet.
    But later some small issues and other big , showed up by using it in few hours. Some are related to software others to hardware.

    I have the very same issues you mentioned.
    The YouTube one, I am watching in low quality to be able to watch a little more because the HD does stop buffering in 50's sec and this is very annoying of course.
    The Chrome issue, I just went to settings/apps/downloads and uninstalled latest updates, so now I'm using the stock one that was shipped with the tablet. (I am using it to write this post)

    Other issues.
    When it's plugged and charging the touchscreen goes a bit crazy when touching it. You can check this by using any touch testing app or in the settings/dev options/show touches and try to touch any place you will see randomly touches here and there.
    (I hope not the screen have to be replaced)
    This is the most annoying issue.

    Another issue, when I dim the screen brightness the whole way down and I have any light background, or white page in browser open, I can see, but it is hardly to notice, screen flickering. Only if I look carefully, light background, and lowest brightness.

    I don't remember if there was more issues. I will post if new issues shows up (I hope not).

  4. rafanaty

    rafanaty Lurker

    hi uber dupper,
    i got a pipo s2 and i think that almost all the pipo line are pretty the same thing.
    my advise is to use any app with task killer before go to you tube.
    i use battery dr and kill all the apps running on background.
    check how you are running in ram memory. maybe you need to change something to make room in your ram.
    hope that help you out.
  5. myklmar

    myklmar Lurker

    Mine too does the 'touch screen shuffle!' when plugged in to charger, must just be the way they're built.
    Voice search doesn't work on mine, microphone won't turn on and message says 'voice search has stopped.' Any ideas how to fix this?

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