Pirate's Boom Boom (Arcade+RPG Shooter) coming Sept 1st, 2023


Aug 6, 2023
Hello AndroidForums community,
My name is Slavik and I am one of the main developers of our first indie game Pirate's Boom Boom. PBB is a mobile Arcade shooter with RPG elements to add depth, strategy and story to your day. It was designed by gamers for gamers and can be downloaded for free on your mobile device.
Gameplay video link -

We are a small creative duo that has created this visually striking game on a shoe-string budget and our goal is to improve, improve, improve, all based on your feedback. Like, love or hate, we want to hear from you! On top of that we want to add Story and PvP modes to reach as many players as possible. Our main characters Pirate & Crow have a super fun story that we weren’t able to put in the game…due to our limited budget, but that won’t stop us! We are working on the story mode right now!

Picture yourself as a fearsome Pirate, resting at your humble cabin on an island, when suddenly Boom!BoOM!!BOOM!!! - warring clans start battling each other, with you in the middle of it all. They destroy your ship, your cabin, everything you’ve built and collected… and don’t even apologize. What do you do? Well, if you are like our Pirate, you go on a revenge mission. You build a small boat, get a cannon and take out each clan one by one. John Wick got nothing on this revenge story!

Pirate’s Boom Boom is free to play with no banners or any other visual distractions. We do feature ads, but we did our best to keep them down to a minimum for a smooth experience. Available on Android Sept 1st.

PlayStore Download Link - Pirate Boom Boom - Apps on Google Play


1) Unique Black&White design with hand-drawn FX!
2) Level 1-99 of crazy Arcade fun!
3) Tutorials to get you started & Bonus levels to keep you engaged!
4) Talents are unlocked with unique game Achievements!
5) Choose from 6 Special Items that fancy your playstyle and unlock 3 Artifacts to become a one-man-army!
6) Original EDM Soundtrack!
7) Story Mode coming soon, with consistent releases to keep you entertained.​

Thank you! -Pirate’s Boom Boom team.
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Hey guys,
Here is 30 minutes of Pirate's Boom Boom Music. If you are a fan of Pirate's and EMD, you will love this AirStrike's unique medley!
Have a listen and Check out the game!!!! BTW, we are Touch Arcade's Game of the Week : )