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Pixel 3A Screen Replacement

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rob, Jan 25, 2020.

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    I've owned a LOT of phones and nearly every phone has died an untimely death by way of cracked screen. This typically happens around the 1 year mark and I'm tormented with the decision of buying a new phone immediately, waiting for something I really love to come out, or having the cracked screen repaired. Never have I opted for that last option due largely to the cost of screen replacement on devices like the Galaxy S9.

    I noticed that the Pixel 3A was awarded the most repairable Smartphone by Jerry Rig Everything:

    It really has me wondering:
    • How many have had a Pixel 3A cracked screen?
    • Did you pay to have the screen replaced?
    • Did you try to replace the Pixel 3A screen yourself?
    • Did you just buy another phone?
    I've never considered screen repairability when buying a new phone but maybe I should? Especially considering the price and complex nature of upcoming devices like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. This has me considering the Pixel 4A but I wanted to see if people here have feedback.

    I've got a whole box of phones in my cracked screen graveyard... maybe I should rip them open and try DIY screen replacement, for science?!

    Curious to hear if the Pixel 3A screen replacement is as easy and affordable as he says.

  2. I cracked my 3a XL screen. It was in my back pocket and I sat back against a dining chair. The good news was that it only cost me a cool £100 from a London based chain called iSmash.

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