Apr 9, 2012
This phone gets really hot in a case, much hotter than my previous 3a!
Anyone know of a "breathable" case?
I am thinking of just drilling a pattern of holes in my current case.
An "edge-only" case would be nice, but I'm not sure there is such a thing.
I'm a big fan of bumper cases, which provide ample protection for the edges of a phone while leaving the rear open. Rhinoshield used to offer them, but they seem to have stopped. You might be able to find some on Amazon, but your mileage will likely vary as far as fit - and some brands don't really seem to know what the word "bumper" means.
I have a Supcase and the other day (first time) while using the GPS it went to Dark mode said it was to hot. The issue with that was I was using satellite mode as I look to see what the surrounding area looked like, Dark mode can't see satellite mode. Very disappointed with the 6a
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