Pixel Contacts App & Microsoft 365 Accounts


I have used the email app Nine on my Google Pixel 2 XL for years to access my Microsoft 365 accounts without issue (I don't like the Outlook app). Recently I noticed when trying to add contacts in the default Pixel contacts app, I no longer have an option to add contacts to my Microsoft 365 accounts. The app only shows me Google accounts and if I select the option to add a new account, it is wanting credentials to a Google account. I checked settings in Nine and found the option to sync contacts for all of the Microsoft account were switched off, so I switched them back on. Unfortunately that did nothing to fix the issue - the Pixel contacts app still doesn't see contacts in the Microsoft accounts and it doesn't give me an option to add new ones. I see no way to change the default Contacts app so now I'm screwed if I need to add a new contact from a recent call or SMS message because both the Pixel phone app and SMS app are only looking at the Pixel contacts app. Has anyone else had a similar issue with the Pixel Contacts app and access to contacts in Microsoft 365 accounts?


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I don't actually use MS contacts, even though I do use Nine, but can confirm the same behaviour here: the Pixel contacts app will not offer me the option to add contacts to my Exchange accounts. Funnily enough contacts sync was turned off on my Nine also (though since I don't use its contacts that may have been a choice on my part), but turning it on and rebooting made no difference . But I can't say for sure that this is new because I never stored contacts in any of my Exchange accounts.

(I do notice that the Pixel app does offer device-only contacts, which I'm not sure it always did.)

You can change the default phone app, so if you can find a phone app that allows you to use a different contacts app that would solve it. However my alternate dialer, Simple Dialer, still takes me to the Google contacts app rather than Simple Contacts, which I also have installed but which also does not let me save to the Exchange accounts.

Of course if you just need to add a phone number it's easy: copy the number (which may require starting to add a phone or Google contact) and then create a MS contact using that.

Unfortunately it works the other way too: Nine only shows contacts from my Exchange accounts, so you can't say just create a device-only contact and them import it to your MS contacts book (I don't have Office 365 account details on my phone, but assume it would be similar to Exchange accounts).