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Pizza Delivery Application!!

Discussion in 'Application Requests' started by matthenry87, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. matthenry87

    matthenry87 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 2, 2008
    I deliver pizza for dominos in my town and Ive had this idea for this app for a while now.

    The app would use AndNav! functionality to navigate a driver to the delivery destinations. The app would utilize the waypoint feature of andnav to navigate to multiple destinations in a single run.

    The Application would record and recognise when the driver is back at the store, and this would prompt the main screen where the following information would be input at the store for each delivery:

    Order #
    Order Time
    Order Total
    Order Address
    Order Notes

    Then once all info is entered you would select the "Out The Door" button. The route would be organized according to order time, and a feature that would allow the user to switch the order of their destinations would be great if they knew that modifying their order of destinations would help them make it back to the store faster. (right turns are faster than waiting at light for left turns.)

    While navigating to each house, the app would display running order times along with a running total of how much tips and mileage they have made so far. The order times could be color coded for how long the timer has been running. Green until 30 min, yellow until 45, and red after that. The amount of time passed before the colors change could also be customizable in the app in case your pizza place's delivery times vary.

    Once the driver arrives at each house the app would recognize that you have reached the destination and open the next window which would ask you how much money/check/credit you collected from the customer. This would then subtract the order's total from the amount paid and add this to your tip total.

    Another edittable feature required in this app would be being able to specify how much mileage you receive for each house. My dominos gives me .60 cents per house delivered to so when the tip is added to your running total, the program would need to automatically add the mileage value to your total tips made every time it updates your running total.

    So basically, the app for me would update my tip total at each house by doing the following: Order Total - Amount received(gives you tip amount) + .60(Mileage) + total tips and mileage made from all previous deliveries today = driver's tips and mileage so far.

    Once all deliveries are complete the app could automatically navigate you back to the store with the quickest route from where you are ensuring that you make it back to the store asap for more deliveries.

    Being able to record and save deliveries, tips made, or even if the app could record miles driven while working would also benefit people who claim the gas used for delivery on their taxes, or wish to make sure they claim all tips made on their taxes.

    When the driver gets back to the store, the main page where deliveries are entered pops back up.

    There also needs to be a driver checkout button used at the end of the shift. This would display all runs with order numbers and times to be used to ensure your records of runs are avaliable for accounting purposes or to fix any routing mixups. This app would eliminate any math drivers would have to do in figuring out their tips earned and eliminate the need for some drivers to write down directions, or record their tips after each delivery saving the driver valuable seconds on every delivery.

    If you're a developer that is interested in making this app, shoot me an email for more details and ideas I have about this app. matthenry87@gmail.com. There is some coding info on the AndNav site that looks like it will help any developer integrate their app with it. It has Waypoint support which seems it would be useful.


  2. marchold

    marchold Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2009

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