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Root Pl3x Froyo ROM (Pl3x rel 2.1) is out

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Redflea, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Oct 6, 2009
    Official Pl3x Rom v2.1.0 Release (Built From AOSP Froyo Source) - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    Pl3x Rom v2.1.0 Changelog:
    * Added Droid X bootanimation.zip to /system/media/
    * Added new blue default wallpaper to framework-res (for clean installs w/ wipe) and Launcher2 (for user ability to select in wallpapers menu) (wallpaper from Ubuntu, scaled and cropped and hue change to blue)
    * Added Maps.apk and all its proprietary libs to work out of the box
    * Added busybox and setup symlinks of most common commands
    * Added zipalign_apks script to zipalign all APKs in /system/app/ & /data/app/ on droid without PC (thanks PeterAlfonso)
    * Added zipalign binary to /system/bin/
    * Added flash_image binary to /system/bin/
    * Added longer ERI text in framework for user ERI hacks
    * Added Option for Boot Animation On/Off in Settings Menu
    * Added Option for Camera/Video Shutter Sound in Settings Menu
    * Added Option for Block Ads in Settings Menu
    * Added dynamic ability to grab governors live from system instead of hardcoded in
    * Added Dynamic Native Overclocking Support in Settings.apk
    * Added Customizable LWP apk & it's GUI in Settings.apk
    * Added sysrw & sysro scripts (idea from BD)
    * Added ChromeToPhone app
    * Added Wifi Tethering App
    * Added better su binary to /system/xbin/
    * Added all prebuilt APKs from Koush's GAPPS package
    * Removed all prebuilt APKs previously added in 2.0.0
    * Resynced with Google's Froyo AOSP

    Known Issues:
    * SetupWizard is not included (due to FC issues) so apps are not automatically downloaded form market on sync with Google.
    * OC setting saved in Pl3x Settings are not set on boot, due to init scripts not working correctly in this build.


  2. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Android Enthusiast

    Dec 29, 2009
    I'll take that and raise you:

    Official Pl3x Rom v2.1.1 Release (Built From AOSP Froyo Source) - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    Pl3x Rom v2.1.1 Changelog:
    * Fixed double apps issue (camera, calendar, clock, email, gallery, etc etc)
    * Fixed OC Settings FC issues
    * Fixed LWP Settings FC issues
    * Fixed broken root (broken su binary)
    * Fixed wrong default background
    * Added SetupWizard back into the game (fixed FC issues) - Now your market aps sould auto sunc when you sync with Google!
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  3. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Oct 25, 2009
    Wireless Sales Manager
    You mean there's another dev out there? My lord, I'll never be able to try em all! Some problems are more fun having than others. :cool:

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