Help Plan swap sd card (phone<->tablet) but data must intact both



I just wondering if someone did something similar to what i want?

I had a HTC incredible S (unrooted) with 8 GB sd card and Viewsonic V7 tablet rooted with 16SD (2 partition ext4 & Fat32). I planning to swap the SD card since i used/carry regurly the phone. My question is does simple copy and paste to the laptop/external HD all the files both SD card will work. I dont have a 3rd sdcard so i need a third storage device. I mean backup all the files using simple file explorer copy/paste and swap restore, will it work. Im a linux user so im wondering if maybe there some low level feature in the SD like boot on UUID or something similiar. im concern since my rooted tablet has a link2sd and some but not all program installed/link to the 16gb sdcard maybe will cause a problem like inode,hardlink etc problem related. My concern is the ext4 partition since all link apps installed in that partition.

How about a low level backup swap restore like DD/ddrescue or or similar imaging backup or simple rsync all files including hidden files.
(simple image DD the 8 GB and 16 gb and swap and restore the image).

Hope can someone did some similar task and share some info before i start this kind of process..