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Planning to Install Solar Panels

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by caroline_davis, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. caroline_davis

    Thread Starter

    Is there anyone who has gone solar and may help me with several questions? I plan to install solar panels and don't really know whether it is better to have microinverters or go with string invertor. Besides, how should I decide which type of microinverter is more appropriate for the system. I would also appreciate if you could recommend quality solar providers in California. Thank you in advance!

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  2. Davdi

    Davdi Android Expert

    I can't comment about California, but in the UK, my last house had a 4KW Solar PV system with a string inverter. In the summer during the day we were not drawing any power from the grid except for the kettle or cooker.. even on overcast days that held mostly true. We're saving for a solar system on this house, but with a backup battery.
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  3. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    I recently installed a small (too small, but had to start somewhere) solar system onto my storage/workshop in order to run lights, radio, and phone charging.

    What I have works for that, but I can't run power tools.

    I have no experience with running large systems, but would be very interested to learn.
    Eventually I want grid with off grid capabillity.

    Right now, I am using a 140w RMS inverter, a 30w/1.5A panel, an 800+ MCA battery, and a 10A controller.

    I connected an automotive 12VDC fuse block so that I can also run 12v accessories.

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  4. caroline_davis

    Thread Starter

    Thank you for sharing your experience and providing me with the details. It was really helpful.
  5. DavidsonJo

    DavidsonJo Lurker

    Actually, you may need to consult with solar providers, as the requirements might be very different for each site, its location as well as your needs. When I was about to install solar panels, I used to ask a lot of question like you to almost everyone with solar experience but it turned out that my case was a bit different and none of the suggestions was feasible for me. Then, I contacted directly to the company I wanted to go solar with and they helped me a lot to make an informed decision. BTW, they do operate in California. You may visit LA Solar Group on FB and PM them your number with consultation request. I'm more than sure they'll help you.
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  6. caroline_davis

    Thread Starter

    I'll definitely do, thanks. BTW my collogues recommended LA Solar services as well. Seems they really provide that quality.
  7. Ed Laurens

    Ed Laurens Lurker

    I wanted to write a thread about tips, but I see there's already one

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