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I love my HTC One Play Edition, but the I'm wondering if the stock Android camera app isn't working so well with the camera hardware

In basic point-and-shoot mode, with no settings modified, I get a tendency to have focus/blur issues and washout/over exposure in light areas. Sometimes it takes great pictures, and playing around with where the focus should be can help. But I find that in pretty normal scenes I tend to have some issues.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same experience with the Play Edition HTC One? Have any tips about improving it / alternate camera apps to try.

I'd also be curious if anyone has any info on whether the Sense camera app being made available for Play Edition HTC one is likely to happen.


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I can't comment specifically on the One, but on all the devices I've had, I experience similar problems to you when using the standard AOSP camera.

As you've said, prefocusing helps, but sometimes the pics just don't cut the mustard.

Re. 3rd Party apps, Look at Camera Zoom FX or I use one called ProCapture, they've both worked out better for me than the stock camera app.

Take a look at this too:

It was free, as I added it to my library when there was no cost, it's listed as installed so I can't see if it's gone back up in price or not. Sorry if it's expensive again.


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My understanding behind the camera on your device is that it is using HTC's camera sense processing backend, but you have to deal with the UI of the stock camera. Thus, although the photos are getting processed well, you have issues with the focus and white balance that is dictated through the way the stock camera UI works.

What I've heard is that HTC is working to fix these issues and give better overall quality in the next update.


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Doesn't seem to have fixed my problem unfortunately.
It seems to be a focus problem of some sort.

If you look at the attached example, and the two lamps either side of the door. One appears to be in focus and one does not. The closer one is at least 15 feet from me. In my experience most cameras will get everything in focus if the focus point is beyond a few feet away, but here the lamp on the right which is just a few feet further away from the one in focus is blurred. Weird.


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