Dec 10, 2009
Does anyone know if there is a good car kit that I can plug my Hero into my car and listen to the playlist or Pandora through my car stereo?...and also charge it at the same time? Hopefully someone will have some insight because I have no clue :) Thanks for any help!!
I would think it depends on your stereo in the car really...mine has bluetooth so I connect through that and charge via the normal way. It also has a 3.5mm jack and a usb port so I could use those, but bt is just easier and quicker. I don't know if it would charge via the usb either, never tried it.

So what stereo do you have and what are it's input options?
mine charges through the usb cable into my car stereo usb link, but can't seem to play Pandora though just what is in my music playlist.