Help play music as alarm


I used to play my music as my alarm. All of a sudden I realized the the option to select music as my alarm disappeared. Does anyone know how to get the option or any other way to do this?


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I use Alarm Klock as my alarm. It does have a setting for music but I don't have any on my phone to test it.


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You just have to make sure your music is in the right part of the phone's memory so it can be used as an alarm. Mine is in a folder called Music on my SD card and I can access it for my alarm.


When you set it up hit MENU and then change default tone but touching it and make sure you have mp3s in your sd card and it will find them.

Now my question is. I usually charge overnight, so do i have to leave my phone on? for this to work? also can i charge at the same time?