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Play music from one folder software

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kumartnav, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. kumartnav

    kumartnav Lurker
    Thread Starter

    is there any way to play music from only the selected folders. Otherwise X10 mini also plays the ringtones...

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  2. 0verkilled

    0verkilled Newbie

    There could be an application, Im not sure. But for time being you can create different playlists and play them. I know this is not the actual solution :).
  3. Requiem87

    Requiem87 Newbie

    I use DoubleTwist and add playlists with DoubleTwist on my computer, but there might be an app for it...
    Double twist is in Beta, and more features are coming all the time, but it looks awesome, and works great.
  4. 0verkilled

    0verkilled Newbie

    You can search for Meridian.apk in google, It lets you play by artist, song, album like every other player. And also lets you browse the SD card and play.
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  5. neopukon

    neopukon Lurker

    but still can't make your own playlist...
  6. leewoodford

    leewoodford Newbie

    Thanks for this,

    I've installed Meridian and it is perfect and all you have to do to add to a playlist is select the track and press menu and the option is there to add to an existing playlist or create a new one.

  7. aviavin

    aviavin Lurker

    I also installed Meridian in my new x10. But I got the problem while playing FM radio through headset. While changing the FM station thru headset button, its starts the meridian player automatically. Befor installing this player i can change the FM radio station thru my headset button.
    Have you got this type of problem?
    Wt is the soln for that?
  8. leewoodford

    leewoodford Newbie

    Yes the same thing haappens with me. I tend to keep on the same radio station so not too much of a problem.
    There is the option to turn off the headset buttons in the Meridian preferences but then the buttons turn the radio on when you are listening to music. So it looks like you have to have one or the other!
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  9. aaarjun

    aaarjun Newbie

    I am doubting, if we install an external player, will the music quality be same ? or music quality depends solely on hardware... doesn't matter whatever the player is????

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