Help Play store apps not donwloading


I have installed on play store (Using my PC). They are flagged installed, but they are no where to be found on my Android. e.g. Adobe , Google Doc
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If you have had more than one device registered to your PC, it is being sent to the wrong one.

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Some Play Store apps downloaders will show you a list of devices, most don't... they just pick the 1st one in the list, and it is usually the 1st one you registered on that phone number.

So, I find the app on the PC, and then I use the Android device to pull up Play Store, find the same app name, and then download it. works every time that way.


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Resolved. Play Store Support (telephone) was fantastic. Tried several data and cache clearing steps. Play store App on the Android would not load. Did several other things with there help. Still not working. The phone is new so the dreaded Factory Refresh was not out of the question. Went to Supper and came back to begin planning the reset and
All was Good and missing downloads appeared.
my primary issue is it does not allow me to install games, i just keep getting an error message that says that it can't install to USB storage or SD card. (Error code - 18) however it had no problem installing TurboTax app...hmmm...very confused i can also update apps without a problem so far...i've never had this problem til recently