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I'm hoping someone can help me, my partner has an Xperia play running on android 2.3.4
He deleted some apps and now play store is running properly, and nor are a load of other apps. One app he deleted was google talk, which we haven't been able to get back, we have tried reinstalling it through apk files but they won't open on the device it just says error loading file.

The actual error we're getting is:
Error while retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-0I44J]-CLSE-RIATW

I have found a lot of solutions for the first part of the code which hasn't help such as clearing this data and cache and that uninstall reinstall restart, force stop, downloading apk files, rooting the phone and doing this and that. But nothing's working, so it must be mostly a problem with this whatever the second part of the code is CLSE-RIATW which I can't find anything about online. So I'm hoping there's a genius out there who might now what the issue is?

Thank you


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As far as Google Talk, that is now Hangouts.

I'm not sure about Color Switch. The phone is probably too old to install it or maybe there is not enough room. How much internal storage space is left?


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Yeah, that may not be enough memory to install any more apps.

Some options are:

1. Move apps to sd card. Goto settings>Apps>All

Check each app and see if they can be moved to SD card.

(Sorry, I cannot remember the whole process on Gingerbread (2.3.4)

2. Root the phone and see about using Link2SD. That requires alot of research/reading and time. I'm not sure if it can be done for your particular phone. Never owned it.


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We did root the phone, and have moved all possible app to the memory card, we then did a factory reset which deleted all apps including the ones on the memory card (so I really don't understand why there's so little memory) and we haven't since been able to download apps because the play store won't work. So there's nothing but original apps, excluding Google talk