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Play store not working after update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mylittlebambam, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. mylittlebambam

    Thread Starter

    Yesterday, I got the G4. Pretty much immediately, it has me upgrade to Marshmallow, which I went through with. When the phone finished the upgrade, I was met with a Google Play Services error. Couldn't even open the Google Play Store to update it, so I went to APK mirror to find the proper update file for my phone. Got it sideloaded, and now everything works EXCEPT for the Play Store. Youtube, Google Play Music, etc all work fine, but the Play Store won't even open. I keep getting the "unfortunately, Play Store has stopped" error when trying to open it. I tried sideloading an update, to no avail. I tried clearing the cache and data, uninstalling all updates, restarting the phone, forcing the app to stop, and still my problem persists. I've disabled the app at this point as the constant stop notifications from the Play Store made the phone unusable. Is a factory reset my only course of action here? I fear that doing that will only make it work until I install the 6.0 update. Keep in mind, I do not want to root this phone. Thanks for any assistance.

  2. shadavis08

    shadavis08 Newbie

    Factory reset is the way to go. Imo
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  3. SavageRobot

    SavageRobot Android Expert

    Where did you buy it? If it was second hand are you sure it wasn't already rooted, or been rooted at some point?
    If it was bought brand new from a reputable source I too would advise Factory Reset as now and then after big updates you can get little bugs, it is advisable, but not always necessary, to factory reset after updates anyway. If it was bought new and problems still persists exchange for another or fix under warranty.
  4. mylittlebambam

    Thread Starter

    I got it brand new from Best Buy. Ended up factory resetting it and haven't had any problems since. Thanks!

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