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Play store reports app already installed - its not!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by QfanatiQ, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Hit a strange wall here.

    The other day I was going through and hoarding massive amounts of games, doing this online and letting the account sync to my phone.

    At one point, I noticed one of the games was not progressing. Upon further exploring, I found out it was only downloadable via Wfi. So I cancelled this thinking the others in line would continue.

    This morning, while at work, I have spent time going through my Play list store of installed apps, many are not. To begin with, despite it saying Installed, it allowed my to press on it and install it again. I was doing one at a time, so I can find out the offending Wifi only apps.

    After a while, I was not even able to do this. The installed is shaded, if I pull down the menu, it lists my device (greyed out also) and under this states, already installed but it is not.

    How can I get around this?

    Stupid and frustrating. It used to be the play store had a full functioning uninstall as well. This seems to have gone in the reconfig.



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